Saturday, October 30, 2010


Used of God, no matter where,
His timing and His deeds;
setting aside my desires,
all my goals and needs;
listening and hearing,
responding to the same;
reacting in a way that will bring
glory to His Name!

Used of God,
but greater our reward!
Staying on the Narrow Way,
focused on the Lord!
"Work, work, work?" But how can such
be looked upon as so?
What God will do with such, The Lord
Himself to only know!!

"Laboring for God?" Labors of love?
ANYTHING done in the Name of the Lord is a labor of love and will reap a reward. But such is not the motive. Such should not be the motive. Such cannot be the motive.
Does 'motive' even play a role?
Obedience should be key!
Then being "used" becomes a badge of honor!

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