Saturday, October 23, 2010


Has the meaning changed over the years?
Changed by whom?
"We have to change that text, 'blood' is too violent, too graphic."
"We have to watch what we say. 'Sin' to some is called 'lifestyle' by others."
"Father, please forgive me!"

How often is The Cup observed
by those who do not care?
Has the Broken Bread become
a casual affair?
How necessary did He suffer
in the day we're in?
How "intolerant" would it be
for us to talk of "sin?"

But I MUST talk about it as
I fall upon my knees!
Living in this day--for it
is not at all 'with ease!'
A very sinful man I am,
so very short I fall;
but oh the Blood of Jesus-
on the very same I call!

O, the Blood of Jesus-
represented by this cup;
o, the healing of the heart
every time I sup!
All that He has done for me...
continuing to do...
the Body and the Blood of Jesus-
life, and life anew!

As often as this cup is taken,
(all of time, as well!)
let the actions of my life
His gratitude to tell!
My words and deeds to symbolize
what Jesus is to me,
as He gave all that He could give
that day on Calvary.

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