Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Spoken Word!

Words of such authority,
such spectacle, such awe;
an orator--the likes of which
no person ever saw!
One with no 'formal' schooling,
One trained not in 'their ways,'
yet He, the most notorious
becoming in those days!

Is this day any different?
"Notorious" is He?
Still, His Presence and His words
command authority!
His words of consolation...
His words of honesty...
His words of such division...
His words so yet to be!
Words of such authority,
yet He-The Spoken Word.
Each time His mouth is opened
there is life to be occurred!
Living to the marrow...
living to each joint...
always to the heart...
always to the point.

Words of such authority,
occasion pay no heed;
again, He is THE Spoken Word,
and He is ALL I need!

What do YOU need?
Can THE Spoken Word speak to you in regards?
Cry out to Him! Listen to Him! Live off of what You hear from Him!
He is Life to ALL!

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