Monday, October 11, 2010

There Again

Once more in the valley,
the shadows, they are long.
The liar would approach me
and say that I've done wrong.
But Truth is here to guide me
and He will never leave!
The liar is a liar, oh,
but Jesus I believe
because He is so living,
because He is so real,
be cause He is so loving,
because I can feel!
And even in the valley
He holds me on the way.
He says things that are so alive
and, in Him, I will stay!
Yes, even in the valley
life becomes so right!
And shadows get no heed at all

Are you in a valley? It is not necessarily a location. Nor is it a place in which you must be alone!
Call out to Jesus! He is already there, you know.
Embrace Him!

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