Monday, October 4, 2010

O let my Life...

"Oh let my life bring glory to
the One Who brings the day.
Nor be cast down, o my soul,
be festive when you pray!
For greater would be given glory
to the Holy One
in the life we live for Him
than things which may be done.

May laughter be a staple in
my diet everyday;
even at the adversity
as I go on my way.
I'm given all authority
to boldly carry on,
thus I lift my head as I
press on toward that Dawn!

Above all, let my living be
pure gratitude to Him.
All the things that I enjoy,
He gave His all for them!
But such be not a motive for
the praises that ascend-
'tis but to glorify the One
Who died because I sinned!"

This life is so full of pleasures. Full of enjoyable 'things.'
When Jesus Christ is #1 in this life, and we live life for Him, life truly does become enjoyable.
Have you discovered that yet?

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