Thursday, October 7, 2010

"No matter..."

Where nothing seems to matter,
(or so do some believe,)
there is a world that matters, and
the same may ALL receive!
A spirit realm is living and
it matters more each day!
Unto the saved of Jesus Christ
it is the major way!

A spirit realm is living
and man's alive therein.
Upon his own admission
is wisdom to begin!
Admit that Jesus Christ, God's Son,

He is the only Way,
and You will realize that life
is more than "for the day!"

"Where nothing seems to matter?"
For there is no such place!
God, He is aware of all,
and so provides He grace!
Oh take it not for granted
in all your ways, o man!
For YOU are all that matters
according to His plan!

Yes, YOU matter more than you may think to God!
He sent His very Son to live for you, die for you, to rise again for you, to come again to take you...
but it is all up to you!

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