Friday, October 15, 2010


One disaster a day. That seems fair, doesn't it?
But fair to whom? And what is 'disaster?'
To one, electricity goes out.
To another, a major earthquake.
Another still, the car won't start.
Someone else broke a fingernail!
The more I try to think of what 'disaster' means, the less of a 'disaster' appears what is going on in my house...TO my house!
At least we ave a house!
I started out with the intent of listing the 'disasters' that have come upon this household in the past two weeks, but the more I think of the meaning of the word, the more these things appear as mere 'speed-bumps.'
Thank you for praying for our 'speed-bumps.'
The more I look around at the damage, the more I realize just how blessed she and I are that we still have each other, our family, friends, and our Loving Father in Heaven!

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