Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Certain

Doesn't it appear that the more days go by, the more uncertain times become?
He said so.
However, there are a few certainties that no amount of time will change:

Even is the certain settled
as the world turns...
all of life is known in spite
of how all living churns...
even when it seems that He
has turned His head away,
life is right before His eyes
and He has final say!

He has final say in that
which happens years away...
He has final say in all
that's happening today...
He has final say in all
that has been already...
He is God Most High--His ways
are ultimate and steady!

Look around...does life look like
there is no control?
Regardless of the obvious
He is not about to ease
His grip upon Your heart!
He is never vague, and He
is not about to start!

Grab hold of that which will NEVER waiver: Jesus Christ and HIS ways!

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