Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Born Twice

Truths so very living...
Oh how wonderful it is to have truths to cling to no matter what is going on in the world.
Truths alive in Jesus Christ...

Father, Son and Spirit,
blessed Trinity.
In our daily living
blest reality!
constant be the sound;
as are rendered praises
victories abound!

It cannot be attained
save in the broken body
of Him, crimson-stained!
And the Father of Him,
loving and so kind,
to His jurisdiction
is my will resigned!

Yielded to His leading
none to be misled;
by the living testaments
fully to be fed.
Holy Ghost infilling,
power from on high!
Born twice in this life, it means
but only once to die!

Cling to those truths that shall never change! They will take you through eternity!

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