Sunday, October 10, 2010


Everyone needs a reason.
No matter what is going in their life, they want to know why.
No matter what is going on in someone else's life, we want to know why.
Whenever we are told to do something, we want to know why...

Praise to Jesus Christ because
He is the Son of God!
All of life apart from man
His glories to applaud!
He is worthy of all grace,
all glory and acclaim.
O man, in all your everything
give glory to His Name!

Praise to Jesus Christ, for He
Himself is God of all!
Everything created is
receptive of His call.
O man would you do good to join
creation in its praise
and give to Jesus absolute
in each and all your ways!

Praise to Jesus Christ alone,
His Savior and His Son.
There is no other way at all
salvation may be won!
Eternal life in Paradise
is only come One Way!
Praise to Jesus Christ the Lord--
today, it is the day!

And that's why!

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