Thursday, October 7, 2010


The skies begin to argue as
the afternoon endures...
life receives the elements
and faithfully endures...
land receives the elements
reacting to the same...
everything with breath alive
brings glory to His Name!

Glory to His Majesty
from everything at all;
even that across the sky
is privy to His call;
He-the very Maker of
the flight that they will take;
He-the sole Creator of
the life that it will make!

Behold the argument- so very
beautiful, so real!
upon a scale that only God
may show or may reveal!
"Fear not the life upon the rise!"
So is such argument;
look for ward to the miracle
contained in incident!

The storm approaches.
I have been in storms that do nothing.
I have been in storms that blow away everything we own!
This have I learned: God has used each of them to bless me abundantly.
No, it is not always immediately visible. But God is faithful!
Trust Him!

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