Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost there

So often in life, it seems that the solution to one thing presents a whole new set of problems...
Such is often the realization in health. Such IS the realization now that there has been a semi-answer to the seizures. A new test drug has almost completely eliminated the seizures, but I must spend half the day with double-vision!
How do I share this without sounding like I am murmuring or complaining?
I do share it, though, with assurance that God knows exactly what is happening.
I do not have the answers, but He does.
Medical professionals are baffled, but God is not.
With such truths as those, I can write

Once more on the pathway of assurance,
I cling to every nugget that I can.
I must hold fast unto my certain Savior,
while all about me be a puzzled man.
While doctors raise their arms in hesitation,
I raise my arms to Jesus Christ alone!
Without hesitation I cling to Him,
in Him is an answer surely known!

Jesus Christ, He is my blessed assurance,
in spite of how I feel or how I live;
I have lifted my condition to Him,
thus I know solutions He WILL give!
I do not even know what I should ask for,
he knows my indecision and He cares;
He knows my heart as I open up to Him,
a perfect answer thus He freely shares!

Jesus understands completely.
He sees, He knows, He feels...
What a wonderful Savior!
To no one else I go, as He knows exactly how to minister to me!
Jesus Christ...completely!

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