Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Spoken Word!

Words of such authority,
such spectacle, such awe;
an orator--the likes of which
no person ever saw!
One with no 'formal' schooling,
One trained not in 'their ways,'
yet He, the most notorious
becoming in those days!

Is this day any different?
"Notorious" is He?
Still, His Presence and His words
command authority!
His words of consolation...
His words of honesty...
His words of such division...
His words so yet to be!
Words of such authority,
yet He-The Spoken Word.
Each time His mouth is opened
there is life to be occurred!
Living to the marrow...
living to each joint...
always to the heart...
always to the point.

Words of such authority,
occasion pay no heed;
again, He is THE Spoken Word,
and He is ALL I need!

What do YOU need?
Can THE Spoken Word speak to you in regards?
Cry out to Him! Listen to Him! Live off of what You hear from Him!
He is Life to ALL!


Used of God, no matter where,
His timing and His deeds;
setting aside my desires,
all my goals and needs;
listening and hearing,
responding to the same;
reacting in a way that will bring
glory to His Name!

Used of God,
but greater our reward!
Staying on the Narrow Way,
focused on the Lord!
"Work, work, work?" But how can such
be looked upon as so?
What God will do with such, The Lord
Himself to only know!!

"Laboring for God?" Labors of love?
ANYTHING done in the Name of the Lord is a labor of love and will reap a reward. But such is not the motive. Such should not be the motive. Such cannot be the motive.
Does 'motive' even play a role?
Obedience should be key!
Then being "used" becomes a badge of honor!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Certain

Doesn't it appear that the more days go by, the more uncertain times become?
He said so.
However, there are a few certainties that no amount of time will change:

Even is the certain settled
as the world turns...
all of life is known in spite
of how all living churns...
even when it seems that He
has turned His head away,
life is right before His eyes
and He has final say!

He has final say in that
which happens years away...
He has final say in all
that's happening today...
He has final say in all
that has been already...
He is God Most High--His ways
are ultimate and steady!

Look around...does life look like
there is no control?
Regardless of the obvious
He is not about to ease
His grip upon Your heart!
He is never vague, and He
is not about to start!

Grab hold of that which will NEVER waiver: Jesus Christ and HIS ways!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Has the meaning changed over the years?
Changed by whom?
"We have to change that text, 'blood' is too violent, too graphic."
"We have to watch what we say. 'Sin' to some is called 'lifestyle' by others."
"Father, please forgive me!"

How often is The Cup observed
by those who do not care?
Has the Broken Bread become
a casual affair?
How necessary did He suffer
in the day we're in?
How "intolerant" would it be
for us to talk of "sin?"

But I MUST talk about it as
I fall upon my knees!
Living in this day--for it
is not at all 'with ease!'
A very sinful man I am,
so very short I fall;
but oh the Blood of Jesus-
on the very same I call!

O, the Blood of Jesus-
represented by this cup;
o, the healing of the heart
every time I sup!
All that He has done for me...
continuing to do...
the Body and the Blood of Jesus-
life, and life anew!

As often as this cup is taken,
(all of time, as well!)
let the actions of my life
His gratitude to tell!
My words and deeds to symbolize
what Jesus is to me,
as He gave all that He could give
that day on Calvary.


Wiggle the mouse...
push the button...
type a few lines...
How much heart is there?
Does it still contain the feeling, the excitement, the anticipation of discovering the life of a loved one far away?
I remember living in Hawaii.
I would sit and listen as mom received a letter from Grandma way back here in Arkansas and read it with emotion.
I remember mom's excitement as she received a letter from Lila after she moved to Montana!
Do I approach the monitor with as much excitement and anticipation?

The Garment

Reaching for that garment that is
even yet alive;
the hem upon the cloth of Him
Who makes me to arrive!
"If I can only touch the hem
I know I shall receive..."
Oh, but I'm recipient
just because I believe!

Why should I only touch the hem
when I can have embrace?
Why focus on His robe when I
can look into His face?
I reach out for His garment and
He takes me by the hand;
looking deep into my eyes,
He says "I understand."

Jesus understands.
Whatever you have done...whatever you are going through...whatever you are feeling, Jesus understands.
Reach out! He will receive you just the way you are, but He loves You too much to leave you that way!

Friday, October 15, 2010


One disaster a day. That seems fair, doesn't it?
But fair to whom? And what is 'disaster?'
To one, electricity goes out.
To another, a major earthquake.
Another still, the car won't start.
Someone else broke a fingernail!
The more I try to think of what 'disaster' means, the less of a 'disaster' appears what is going on in my house...TO my house!
At least we ave a house!
I started out with the intent of listing the 'disasters' that have come upon this household in the past two weeks, but the more I think of the meaning of the word, the more these things appear as mere 'speed-bumps.'
Thank you for praying for our 'speed-bumps.'
The more I look around at the damage, the more I realize just how blessed she and I are that we still have each other, our family, friends, and our Loving Father in Heaven!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost there

So often in life, it seems that the solution to one thing presents a whole new set of problems...
Such is often the realization in health. Such IS the realization now that there has been a semi-answer to the seizures. A new test drug has almost completely eliminated the seizures, but I must spend half the day with double-vision!
How do I share this without sounding like I am murmuring or complaining?
I do share it, though, with assurance that God knows exactly what is happening.
I do not have the answers, but He does.
Medical professionals are baffled, but God is not.
With such truths as those, I can write

Once more on the pathway of assurance,
I cling to every nugget that I can.
I must hold fast unto my certain Savior,
while all about me be a puzzled man.
While doctors raise their arms in hesitation,
I raise my arms to Jesus Christ alone!
Without hesitation I cling to Him,
in Him is an answer surely known!

Jesus Christ, He is my blessed assurance,
in spite of how I feel or how I live;
I have lifted my condition to Him,
thus I know solutions He WILL give!
I do not even know what I should ask for,
he knows my indecision and He cares;
He knows my heart as I open up to Him,
a perfect answer thus He freely shares!

Jesus understands completely.
He sees, He knows, He feels...
What a wonderful Savior!
To no one else I go, as He knows exactly how to minister to me!
Jesus Christ...completely!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Abundant Naught

Early morning nothing,
except serenity;
many realization s are,
each of quality;
silence is resounding...
living is abounding...
time is slowly passing...
blessings are amassing...

Early morning 'nothing;'
living overflowing;
attributes of God Creator
to His loved ones knowing!

Look out at 'nothing.'
If that is all you see, you need to look within first.
Even in the greatest abundance of 'nothing,' God abounds!

There Again

Once more in the valley,
the shadows, they are long.
The liar would approach me
and say that I've done wrong.
But Truth is here to guide me
and He will never leave!
The liar is a liar, oh,
but Jesus I believe
because He is so living,
because He is so real,
be cause He is so loving,
because I can feel!
And even in the valley
He holds me on the way.
He says things that are so alive
and, in Him, I will stay!
Yes, even in the valley
life becomes so right!
And shadows get no heed at all

Are you in a valley? It is not necessarily a location. Nor is it a place in which you must be alone!
Call out to Jesus! He is already there, you know.
Embrace Him!


The coming of the season?
But 'seasonal' is He?!
Much greater be the constant that
the Lord is endlessly!
Celebrate His birth, but do not
leave Him in the Manger;
Celebrate His birth, but do not
leave Him as a stranger.

"What Child is This?
With man's wisdom and technology, should that question yet arise?
With the Word of God available almost anywhere we shop, should that question yet arise?
The only question that should be: Do you know Him in your heart?
Let that be the greatest issue in the season that soon will be!
Jesus Christ--the only part of the season that is not seasonal!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Everyone needs a reason.
No matter what is going in their life, they want to know why.
No matter what is going on in someone else's life, we want to know why.
Whenever we are told to do something, we want to know why...

Praise to Jesus Christ because
He is the Son of God!
All of life apart from man
His glories to applaud!
He is worthy of all grace,
all glory and acclaim.
O man, in all your everything
give glory to His Name!

Praise to Jesus Christ, for He
Himself is God of all!
Everything created is
receptive of His call.
O man would you do good to join
creation in its praise
and give to Jesus absolute
in each and all your ways!

Praise to Jesus Christ alone,
His Savior and His Son.
There is no other way at all
salvation may be won!
Eternal life in Paradise
is only come One Way!
Praise to Jesus Christ the Lord--
today, it is the day!

And that's why!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thank You so much!

Once again reminded of the basics, so I must try to capture them in words...

"Thank You so much for the grass that grows;
thank You so much for a mower that mows;
thank You so much for leaves that fall;
thanks for the trees producing them all;
thanks for the seasons, they come and they go
thanks for the order that we've come to know.
But let more than mere words be thanks unto You,
please see my gratitude in all that I do!

Be grateful with me, won't you?
God is The Source of all. Give to Him in return.


The skies begin to argue as
the afternoon endures...
life receives the elements
and faithfully endures...
land receives the elements
reacting to the same...
everything with breath alive
brings glory to His Name!

Glory to His Majesty
from everything at all;
even that across the sky
is privy to His call;
He-the very Maker of
the flight that they will take;
He-the sole Creator of
the life that it will make!

Behold the argument- so very
beautiful, so real!
upon a scale that only God
may show or may reveal!
"Fear not the life upon the rise!"
So is such argument;
look for ward to the miracle
contained in incident!

The storm approaches.
I have been in storms that do nothing.
I have been in storms that blow away everything we own!
This have I learned: God has used each of them to bless me abundantly.
No, it is not always immediately visible. But God is faithful!
Trust Him!

"No matter..."

Where nothing seems to matter,
(or so do some believe,)
there is a world that matters, and
the same may ALL receive!
A spirit realm is living and
it matters more each day!
Unto the saved of Jesus Christ
it is the major way!

A spirit realm is living
and man's alive therein.
Upon his own admission
is wisdom to begin!
Admit that Jesus Christ, God's Son,

He is the only Way,
and You will realize that life
is more than "for the day!"

"Where nothing seems to matter?"
For there is no such place!
God, He is aware of all,
and so provides He grace!
Oh take it not for granted
in all your ways, o man!
For YOU are all that matters
according to His plan!

Yes, YOU matter more than you may think to God!
He sent His very Son to live for you, die for you, to rise again for you, to come again to take you...
but it is all up to you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sight of Morning

Hey! Wake up!

Ah, the sight of morning in the foothills-
be there anything to match it fair?
Accentuated even in the essence:
potpourri in early Autumn air.
And the flame to barely tint the branches
with the beams of light to slow arrive
with the upper colors of the spectrum...
Happy is this man to be alive!

No matter where you are, take a moment to behold the arrival of the season.
It only takes a moment to behold.
MAKE the time to notice HIM this morning!

Born Twice

Truths so very living...
Oh how wonderful it is to have truths to cling to no matter what is going on in the world.
Truths alive in Jesus Christ...

Father, Son and Spirit,
blessed Trinity.
In our daily living
blest reality!
constant be the sound;
as are rendered praises
victories abound!

It cannot be attained
save in the broken body
of Him, crimson-stained!
And the Father of Him,
loving and so kind,
to His jurisdiction
is my will resigned!

Yielded to His leading
none to be misled;
by the living testaments
fully to be fed.
Holy Ghost infilling,
power from on high!
Born twice in this life, it means
but only once to die!

Cling to those truths that shall never change! They will take you through eternity!

Monday, October 4, 2010

O let my Life...

"Oh let my life bring glory to
the One Who brings the day.
Nor be cast down, o my soul,
be festive when you pray!
For greater would be given glory
to the Holy One
in the life we live for Him
than things which may be done.

May laughter be a staple in
my diet everyday;
even at the adversity
as I go on my way.
I'm given all authority
to boldly carry on,
thus I lift my head as I
press on toward that Dawn!

Above all, let my living be
pure gratitude to Him.
All the things that I enjoy,
He gave His all for them!
But such be not a motive for
the praises that ascend-
'tis but to glorify the One
Who died because I sinned!"

This life is so full of pleasures. Full of enjoyable 'things.'
When Jesus Christ is #1 in this life, and we live life for Him, life truly does become enjoyable.
Have you discovered that yet?