Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your Understanding

"To You alone I sing my praise,
my risen Lord and King.
For unto no one in this world
will my praises ring!
For in You, Lord, is love and peace,
comfort, truth and light,
and You, Lord, are the only One
who understands my plight!
Not just about my plight, oh Lord,
that I sing praise to You,
Your understanding in itself
is priceless, that is true!
No matter what I have to say,
no matter what I've done,
You always answer when I call
and call me Your own son!
The way You understand, oh Lord...
if this world only knew,
surely there would be more people
turning unto You!
The way You deal with everything
I bring to You, indeed,
it is enough for me to know
that You are all I need!!"

No One understands like Jesus. Period. He has been through where you are are right now because He is all things at all times.
I don't understand that either.
I do understand that He is where you are right now, listening for your call, waiting for you to turn it over to Him.
He is that peace that you are seeking...and more! You cannot fathom the peace that He is, but you can obtain it!

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