Friday, September 3, 2010


So many are the landscapes in life.
So many are the landscapes used by Jesus as parables.

In the shadows of the valley
living is once more.
It is pointless to inquire
what this time is for.
I know there is a purpose,
I know that good will come;
but it is not for me to know
WHEN shall be the sum.

And this I know: the valley is,
and I am not alone.
Every step upon the Narrow
by Someone is known.
In the shadow, in the shining,
there will be a song;
and I shall go through the valley
because I belong!

In the shadows of the valley
death be no concern,
only moving forward as
there will be no return!
Peaks and valleys in the path
but never turning back,
not even in the valley with
His burden in my pack!

"My yoke is easy, My burden is light."
So is the promise of Jesus as He compels us to follow Him.
The mountains, hills and valleys will be there, but so will He!
Take Him with you, won't you?

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