Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Looking...but seeing?

I gaze upon the landscape-
a myriad of trees
in ever-constant movement with
the flutter of the breeze.
The contrast of the beauty,
a sign of teeming life;
colors yet beyond description
in the scope, so rife.

Also in the vision,
a very special tree.
At a glance, its comeliness,
it is not much to see.
Its beauty, though, is matchless
to them that understand,
and the life that it contains...
mere verbiage cannot stand!
Reverse, though, flowing from it,
a fluttering of wind;
the Holy Spirit, oh, in power
from it to descend
to make, of life, such beauty,
to change the heart and mind;
boldness, peace and power one can,
in its presence, find!

The trees of the Creator,
the tree of Him Who died.
Most to cover landscape,
one, my sins, to hide!
The rugged cross of Jesus-
for it is life to me.
I pray it be as evident
as all the others be!

Seeing...but understanding?
Understand this: Jesus died upon a tree so that You might have everlasting life.
That is far more important than admiring landscape or reading poetry!
Have you been to that tree?

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