Monday, September 27, 2010

The tree

Many seasons in the past
I planted there a tree
with expectations of the the fruit
that someday soon would be.
I put it in the fertile ground
and let it go its way
knowing that the elements
would be its very stay.
I let it have the sun and rain
and i enjoyed the fruit.
Season after season came
and produce followed suit.
But soon, it started withering
out there upon the land.
With sunshine bright and water cool,
I could not understand.
I slowly went up to the tree
desiring a clue
about its steady withering.
What was I supposed to do?
And so did I approach the tree,
and even before my word,
with just my very gentle touch
something new occurred!
With my hand upon it,
it became alive again!
And as I spoke unto it
even new life did begin!
And so the tree has realized
I really am concerned.
And, thanks to the little tree,
some lessons I have learned:
I have to keep in constant touch
if I want it to live,
and I must cultivate it so
to have what it can give.

Is this only about trees?

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