Sunday, September 19, 2010

Splinters of that Tree

What Tree?
Oh, but not just any tree!

The splinters of that Tree have no
comparison in worth!
For there continued pangs that brought
about my second birth!
Oh, be it unto me, that life
but everlasting there-
oh, be it unto me, the life
of Him, in faith, to share!

The splinters of that Tree- but did
they come come without a price?
No! The father gave His all
in loving sacrifice!
Free to such as we but oh
so costly unto Him.
A teardrop He retains for each
and every one of them.

The splinters of that Tree- they shall
contain my glory e'er.
So is the Father's sovereign will
His grace untold to share.
In the death and resurrection
be abundant living,
as the One once fastened there
so keeps on freely giving.

That Tree. Calvary. Has any of it worth to you?
Oh, but You are of great worth to God!
Know your worth and give it all to Jesus!

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