Friday, September 24, 2010


Sentinels innumerable
availed by only One...
adrift upon the Norfork in
the early April sun.
Each arrayed so beautifully,
can the poet know?
But such be not an issue in
the peace so free to flow!

Focus rather to be on
the beauty of it all!
Stately Heron on the glide...
Eider as they call...
and the wake of such to be
the only ripple thence,
as yet so gentle be the breathing
of His Eminence.

Adrift upon the water, oh
who could understand?
Anyone to seek the beauty
just away from land!
The shadows on the water be
the only clock around,
and One alone to know how long
out here will I be found.

No clock around.
Everyone needs this place. Away from life.
Away from life?
Perhaps an escape TO life?
Creator God creating such a wonderful escape!

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