Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Caught again!
Discovered out in the the world!
So easy it is to be deceived. Yes, even the Elect!

Return me to that place where I
did not fit in so well.
Back where I was 'peculiar,'
everybody, they could tell!
"Politically Correct..." that term
is oh so nauseous now!
I might as well where a dress,
don a scarf, and vaguely bow!

Return me to that place where I
would not look around
before I cried out "PRAISE THE LORD!"
or made a joyful sound!
Back then were the "dirty looks"
that fazed me not at all--
has there been dilution of
a great and mighty Call?

"Return me to that place where I
so emulate Your ways!
Return me to the boldness
so required for these days!
Return me to integrity,
inside my faith and out,
so that my God, my faith, my world
would not have any doubt!

Are there any to go with me, or are you at the top of your game at staying above the ways of this world?
Those ways that are tightening the screws on THE life of serving Jesus Christ THE Lord?
Those ways that seek to require more and more of your soul?
STAND FAST, MY FRIEND! Return to that place and rejuvenate your soul!
RUN TO HIM and receive what you need to go on!
His arms are wide open!

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