Friday, September 24, 2010

Present Pain

Pain to be now present in my body
such as only One alone could heal.
Though He told me only to believe Him,
yet unto my Savior I appeal.
Does it mean then as I go unto Him
that I don't believe the Word He said?
Nay! But to retain communication
as, for my healing was His bleeding shed!

So, to One alone is my approaching.
Yea, and my petition to the Same
in the many stripes He took upon Him,
in the power of His holy Name!
Such to be my hope and my assurance,
such to be my healing and my peace;
pain to be not permanent unto me-
unto Jesus such can I release!

Have you ever hurt?
Is your pain present now?
Do you know why?
I don't either!
I don't even know why I hurt at times.
I DO know that Jesus is right here with me.
I DO know that Jesus is right here inside of me!
He knows.
He listens.
He understands.
He responds.
Talk to Him about the pain.
He has been there.

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