Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Severed from this very place
by everlasting life,
by the promise that, someday,
I'll nevermore have strife...
by the words of God Himself:
in Heaven I will be...
by the words of Jesus Christ
of life eternally!
And so is this man driven on
through trials of the day;
through situations that would try
to take my joy away...
driven even through depression
and through any fear
to so obtain the promises
of Him who's ever near!

"As I go through the trials, Lord,
You said would come my way,
please grant unto my Your endurance
each and every day.
Please help me keep my eyes upon
that place to which I strive,
and even let me make a difference
while I am alive!"

"But God, what good am I when I feel this way?!"
So where the words of the poet when these words were written.
You are reading them now. Are they of any use to you? But I know that they are of use because God Most High wrote them!
Please pray for the ones on my heart as I send this.
God knows who they are.

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