Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Haven

Where do you go when the world is after you?
Too many folks I know seek refuge in a 'thing.' Most of those 'things' are quite destructive, and they ALWAYS let them down.
Please give this escape a try...

My haven, Lord, is in Your arms;
for there my soul finds rest.
Nowhere else may peace be found,
my conscience may attest.
The farthest place from this old life
and yet so close at hand;
reward have I there from all things
that here I must withstand.

Your arms, oh Lord, all I need
to make it through the day;
each moment at a time as I'm
upon the Narrow Way.
With each errand I must do,
there You are, on my mind;
and there I yearn for that sweet time
that, each day, I must find!

My haven from this life indeed,
my secret hideaway...
being in the very arms
of You to Whom I prays.
For there am I restored unto
a person, whole and sound.
'Tis only in Your Presence, Lord,
this 'fullness' can be found!"

O, blessed be the haven of God's very embrace!
Have you been there?
One must experience this embrace to truly embrace the message of the writer.
Reach out...cry out...GO! RUN TO GOD!!
He is right there/here with arms open wide!

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