Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Deliverer

Cornered by the world itself,
shackled so by fear.
'That still, small voice' says unto me
"You have no business here."
Feeling so defeated, but
"victorious am I!"
So come the very words from Him,
my risen Lord on high!

For lately I have been reproached
by some of my own friends.
That feeling that I'm being used
into my heart descends.
And so my Savior reaches out
and says "Son, come with Me,"
and there He walks beside me until,
clearly, I can see.

The peace I get from just His hand...
the comfort of His voice...
the healing in His Presence there,
it makes me to rejoice.
He takes me by the hand out of
the fear that I am in
unto that very place that brings me
happiness again.

No matter what affliction comes,
to Him it's nothing new.
As long as I just call His Name
He knows just what to do!
This feeling seldom comes along
but He makes sure I know
that when I ever feel this way
I have a place to go.

Do you ever feel this way?
Do you have a place to go?
Jesus provides a place for you to go however you feel!
His arms are wide open when no one understands.
Sure, there are friends in abundance when all is well and you want to celebrate, but where are they when you can't even explain the pain that you are in?
Jesus is there and He understands!

He WILL deliver you!

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