Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Cry

A few days ago I heard from a friend of many years past. It hurt.
I was minded so deftly of feelings that I thought were gone. The feelings are there, but they are no longer painful.
There was quite a bit of pain in the voice of a few days ago...

"My Father, once again has come
that dreaded fear and pain.
It comes from whence I know not, Lord,
oh how can I explain?!
For nothing has come to this man
that You have not gone through,
and so, Lord, in my desperation,
I cry out to You.

No one, Father, can relate
unto the pain I feel.
For You alone can understand,
so, to You, I appeal.
For how can even human words
express this awful pain?
For only, Lord, my very soul
can, unto You, explain!

From only You can comfort come
and lift my soul, oh God.
Chase away, Lord, them that on
my peace and joy do trod!
I implore You, oh my Lord,
deliver me this day
and cause my very being, Lord,
to there in Your arms, stay!"
(These were the very feelings of this writer years ago.)

Have you ever felt this way?
I had to hold this person so tight the other day as they went through these very emotions!
Depression...fear...anxiety...ARE REAL! And they must be faced with reality.
Do not face these things alone!
Find someone stronger than yourself if you are experiencing anything like this!!
Grip the reality of Jesus as you go through this and remember, you are going through, you are not setting up residence!

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