Friday, September 24, 2010

Morning Communing

On the lake once more.
I left the fishing pole at home and brought my pen.
I know that I will catch more words than fish!
Here, enjoy my catch with me...

The point is veiled in the mist
so slow upon the rise...
every place the vision be-
the Father's enterprise...
the stillness of the morning be
my escort to that place
where He and I commune--the One
who saved me by His grace.

The greatest thing about it be
the love He brings along.
The same to be the content of
my never-ending song.
For He has taken residence
there in that chamber deep
where is indwelt that sweet affection
I so dearly keep.

Blest communion in the mist
with the Maker of
all that I can visualize
and, oh, that perfect love!
Nowhere else to be upon
the dawning of the day,
oh, lest it be that Trumpet Blast
when we shall fly away!


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