Saturday, September 4, 2010

The last campaign?

It's only awhile longer...
However, certain truths remain, and it is always encouraging to be reminded of them...

The battle is continuing,
victory is sure!
Treasuries await for those
who faithfully endure!
Be aware! O be aware,
this life is just a breath!
Ah, but there's eternal life
for those with just one death!

Warfare--it is everywhere,
campaigns at every hand.
The enemy could give a rip
for what we must withstand!
He knows he is defeated!
His time is almost gone!
His punishment, (like our reward,)
forever will go on!

Victory is more important
than the battle brief.
We cling to Jesus Christ, the Son,
our Defense and our Chief!
The battle, it belongs to Him,
and settled be the end
for them that call Him "Savior,"
for them that He calls "friend!"

Are you a friend of God?
Does Jesus call you His friend?
Is that even important to you?
Do not go into battle without them!
What about those truths...and the time remaining?
Think about it.

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