Friday, September 10, 2010

It's a Start!

Peace on earth.
"But it's not Christmas!!" some would say.
Is peace even possible in this life?
I have heard arguments that peace absolutely will not be in this life!
Peace on earth may not be, but peace within can be.
True, this may sound like a Christmas message, but does that mean that it should only be said then?
Peace on earth. Please join with me in praying for it.

How long, oh Lord, until is peace
the order of the day?
Already is it settled in
the hearts of them that stay.
But God, we long for peace on earth
with YOU as President!
It will not be til You are in
each heart as resident!

A lofty thought of poets?
The dream of every man?
But peace is a decision settled
when one says "I can!"
But not without the help of Him
Who is the Prince of Peace.
Go to Him in all honesty,
and every strife release.

The Prince of Peace...Jesus Christ...
And there starts a whole new campaign: The Name of Jesus!
We have to start somewhere...

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