Sunday, September 19, 2010

In these issues...

"In the issues now incurred
I will stand upon Your Word.
For them shall I acquire grace
if I but lie upon my face.
The issues, God, that now encroach-
I know not whence they did approach,
but such as these I would not see
unless, my God, You trusted me.
In the issues that are wrought,
blessed Father, leave me not.
Guide my feet upon the Way
that You have set for me this day.
Unto Your Way shall I be true,
doing, Lord, what I should do.
With Your Spirit as my Guide
I shan't be tossed from side-to-side!"

With the way the world is today, this should be the prayer of each of us!
The Lord is aware of everything going on in life...period!
Turn to Him. TRUST HIM!
He desires to address these issues, and to share life with you.

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