Monday, September 20, 2010

Hear the Children Cry

Walking down the street...looking...listening...

A very gentle starry night,
an easterly to sigh,
and in the whisper pf it
I can hear the children cry...
Some, excruciating pangs
for a lack of food;
others, agonizing pain
from another's mood.

Not only to the writer's ear,
such impassioned speech,
unto the heart of God the Father
does it also reach!
For that which happens where it seems
no one can see nor hear,
every sense of it, unto
the Father's heart is clear!
And they are not alone to cry,
mine, also, to ascend:
"Oh God, do we entreat Thee,
let such pain come to an end!"

This is a very painful world for some.
A lot of that pain does not have to happen!
Look around. Listen.
Is there anything you can do today to ease the pain of living for someone else?

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