Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Healing Stream

I know about a healing stream,
its flow shall never cease.
From every debility
that flow provides relief.
If ever I've infirmity
I plunge so deep within;
that flow to purge as I emerge
set free from pain and sin!

I know about a healing stream,
it is a steady force.
But glory, more significant,
I know its very Source!
A pair of hands with matching scars,
a cross, a crimson flow,
a stream of love from high above...
my brother, do you know?

I know about a healing stream,
oh, but that's not all!
It's only but that start of what's
awaiting at your call!
Salvation to the uttermost,
provision to abound;
in Him Who is THE Healing Stream,
forever I'll be found!!

Take it to Jesus. Whatever it is. However you feel.
Don't let anyone or anything hinder you from going straight to Jesus!
Anyone who tells you anything else is a liar!

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