Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Again, go back a few years to right now.
Words that I am being told to send because of the reality of them.
Again, if these words are foreign to you, please pray for the ones who know these words as a daily way of life...

"My Father, I am being stalked
by enemies of Thee.
They are encamped, Lord, all around;
what do they want from me?!
One has caused my heart to fear,
another is casting doubt.
Lead me, Lord, to where these forces.
I will be without!

It's only 'cause I love You, Lord,
that they have come to me.
Why should they trouble anyone
that is not serving Thee?
For they would not gain anything
by troubling their own;
and so, my Lord, they come to me
when I feel so alone.

But never is this man alone,
for You are always here!
And now, my Lord, destroy the ones
who've come to cause this fear!
For I have other things to do
and other ways to feel.
My Lord, I leave it in Your hands;
take heed to my appeal!

I know that these words apply to someone in your life, (lives,) because in the past six months they have struck at least three people very close to me, all of them "in the ministry." The servants of God are not immune.
Pray for me.
Pray for them.
Pray for us.
Pray for you.
Pray for one another as we are instructed to by God!
Do not judge me because I ask for prayer about "something."

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