Monday, September 13, 2010


Go with me.
Just reach your hand UP and get a grip...

Walking through another day
holding on real tight
to the hand of Him of Whom
my heart and soul have sight.
In the grasp of His strong hand
led am I for sure,
and am I, from all life's
iniquities, made pure!
And as I walk down the path
faith so wells inside;
knowing not what is ahead,
but in Him I confide.
He knows how to handle any
circumstances nigh;
oh, that is why I trust in Him-
Almighty God on High!

The confidence in walking with
the One Who saves my soul!
It goes so very far in even
making this man whole!
And even further, yea, concerning
peace so deep within,
another blessing unto them
that are born again!

What other confidence is there in this life?
Just how many things are there that can be deemed "assurances?"
Look to Jesus Christ alone and GET A GRIP!

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