Monday, September 13, 2010

Greatest Love!

(If you have mastered the gift of knowing the depths of God's love, please help this writer to understand!)

Again to know the depths of His affection?
But can the same be fully known at all?
How can be described the look in His eyes
in reaction to His loving call?
Can be said at all embracing fully
the one and only great and mighty Lord?
There is no other One to love us greater!
In His eyes completely we're adored!

How deep, how wide, how high and holy Jesus?
Even at the right hand of I AM!
How merciful, how loving, how great Jesus,
even to become my very Lamb?
Holy, holy, hallowed our Savior!
Not another Lord, no other King!
O hear us as we come in adoration...
hear us as we come to You and sing!

Oh, to know the gauges of affection-
are there any that exist at all?
I do not even want to think about it
I only want Your grace about me fall!

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