Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What is "communication" like between you and God?
Sometimes it can be absolute silence. (I mean that in a good sense!)
For some, I know, it is only memorized pages, written pieces or repetitive words.
Break free!!
Express your heart!
Let the words of your spirit flow...

"I love You, o my Savior,
I exalt Your holy Name!
I realize that even for
my very soul You came!
Blessed be the heart of You,
oh bless Your all-in-all!
And bless God for designing me
to answer to Your call!

Dear Lord, You know I write about
the endless things You do,
and of the blessings, Lord, that flow
continually from You,
and of the promises of all
the things You have in store,
but oh my Lord, I need to be
exalting You much more!
Without You, love would just be an
emotion, oh my Lord.
Life would just be "doing time,"
with nary a reward;
salvation would be nothing, were
it not, oh Lord, for Thee!
Without You, oh my risen Lord,
how pointless life would be!
So many things depend on You
but You depend on none!
Though this earth would vanish, yet
would be the Three-in-One!
Though the mortal voice would cease
yet would the rocks cry out!
And if we cease to dance in You
the hills would skip about!

Yea, would You exist so well
without us, oh my God,
but without You and Your touch
no further could we trod!
And so, as I exalt You, Father,
You, and You alone,
may You feel my appreciation
at Your very throne!

In Jesus' Name,

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