Monday, September 6, 2010

Get a Grip!!

A day is surely coming.
"Yea...yea...yea...I've heard that for years!"
We have all heard that Jesus is coming again...for years!
But that just means that we are one YEAR closer to His return!
Don't believe it?
Don't want to hear it?
Delete me now then!

There's coming, yes, a day!
Who knows how far away?
He's coming back again to take me home!
There is a Land afar,
beyond the brightest star,
in which the saints are evermore to roam!
We'll do much more than 'dwell,'
of 'reigning' does He tell!
He is sketchy, though, about detail;
I'll cling, though, to His Word,
(no matter what is blurred,)
as long as I'm with Him beyond the veil!!

Still don't believe it?
(Did you really expect a poet to clarify it?)
I'm just as privy as you are to it, but I cling so dearly to the hope and promise that the Holy Spirit has given me!
Clinging to the promise...what shall I say to you?

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