Monday, September 13, 2010

A friend

"My Lord, help me to reach out to
the ones You want me to;
even them that would be spurned
by others close to You.
When I look at them, let me see
what Your eyes, Lord, would see
and the things that are expected
by You, Lord, of me:

What am I to do for him?
What should I convey?
Assuredly, a word in season
You'll cause me to say.
But Lord, concerning feeding him
and shelter for his sleep...
speak to my heart, oh Father, of
these issues that I keep.
I want to give him everything,
to love him, Lord, as You;
to see You live inside of me,
oh Lord, allow him to!
Once again, Lord, and utmost,
to treat him as You will-
this is yet the greatest of
all my desires still!

In Your Name, Jesus,

This should be the prayer of everyone...especially you, my brother in Christ. Since it does apply to you, join with me in prayer...and then do more than just pray!

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