Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day

"Therefore, occupy until He comes."
I know it is hard, I am just as impatient as you. But it must be done.
I have heard of the extremes that give everything away and go _______ , sorta like a hermit.
That is not what we are supposed to do!!
The end is near, closer than we think! So we are supposed to live Jesus Christ in the face of life itself...especially on the job!

Here I am, oh risen Lord,
at the job You've blessed.
First day on the job and, Lord,
in You does this man rest.
All the things that I must learn...
all that they demand...
before I even start, my Lord,
I place it in Your hand.

This job came right out of Your hand,
yes, Your very palm.
It is so ordained of You,
thus I am bidden calm.
And I accept Your peace, oh Father,
as I start my day;
"Not my will but Yours be done,"
this I humbly pray.

I will humbly pray.
I will BOLDLY give thanks for this job!
And you--be thankful as well for the job that you have, and work as if Jesus Christ was your immediate supervisor!

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