Saturday, September 11, 2010


Draw the weapon once more...
affect the world with its stain...
who will notice?
Turn the page...
Another landscape...choose the weapon...
What will be affected?
Who will be affected?
With sword in hand, precise incisions are made...
With sword in hand, death is wrought swiftly!
Who cares?
Who will take note?
A masterpiece is wrought upon a landscape of ivory and few take note. A work that can change lives if they will merely take note!

Reality--so empty
unto a wretched few.
So twisted, they force on the rest
a sample of said view.
"If I can't have a taste of what
you sample every day,
then surely I will spare no means
in ripping it away!"

Reality, so gripping
when realized at last.
Beyond the death and desolation
casualties are vast.
"That will not happen to my house..."
"That cannot touch our homes..."
No longer hearts to echo such
as written are the tomes.

Reality--so terrorizing
when to grip the mind.
No rhyme or reason be there in
a conscience that is pined.
The very same be seared as
celebrations, they commence
in horror on such scale, there be
just ONE to recompense!

Reality to seize the writer
as has never been!
Oh tell me how such wickedness
is carried out by men!!
"But it shall never quench the good
that shall not ever fail."
Let such a vision as that, in
the face if this prevail!

Reality? Only to them that accept it.
I choose the weapon used to assemble this.

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