Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Far Beyond

The way that You approach us is majestic,
the way that You assemble us is majestic,
You are God.
the adoration of You is glorious;
the splendor of Your creation is glorious;
the wonder that You command is glorious,
You are God.

You are beyond all wise,
You are beyond all song;
beyond all thought itself, Lord, You belong!

Majestic, glorious and far beyond.
Of each other, Lord, we are so fond!

Heavenly Father, YOU ARE!
Anything spoken about You is pure poetry!
You are worth any group of words assembled...and more!
Yes, Lord, You drain the very wells from whence I draw words!
True, Holy Spirit provides the words that I write, but again, YOU ARE!
You are the words that are...and then You are more than words, oh Lord!
You are all I know...and far beyond!

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