Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"Oh God, it doesn't feel good!
How could You be involved?!
If You were Who You say You are
this problem would be solved!!"

Have you ever felt that way?
Are you brave enough to admit it?
The Word says to "count it all joy when problems arise."
If that is you, you are better than me!
With me, it is "Count it all joy when the problem is over and the fruits are revealed."
There are trials and tests going on right now. They are painful. We are not going to run from God, nor will I be in denial and say that 'all is well.'
However, like the song, I will say that all is well with my soul and with my faith, I am leaving everything else in His hands because Jesus knows exactly what He is doing and exactly what will happen.
Pray for us, would you please?

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Amber Dobies said...

That was really good, enjoyed reading it. I'll bookmark this page and check it often :) Thanks for telling me about it! Love you guys