Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Haven

Where do you go when the world is after you?
Too many folks I know seek refuge in a 'thing.' Most of those 'things' are quite destructive, and they ALWAYS let them down.
Please give this escape a try...

My haven, Lord, is in Your arms;
for there my soul finds rest.
Nowhere else may peace be found,
my conscience may attest.
The farthest place from this old life
and yet so close at hand;
reward have I there from all things
that here I must withstand.

Your arms, oh Lord, all I need
to make it through the day;
each moment at a time as I'm
upon the Narrow Way.
With each errand I must do,
there You are, on my mind;
and there I yearn for that sweet time
that, each day, I must find!

My haven from this life indeed,
my secret hideaway...
being in the very arms
of You to Whom I prays.
For there am I restored unto
a person, whole and sound.
'Tis only in Your Presence, Lord,
this 'fullness' can be found!"

O, blessed be the haven of God's very embrace!
Have you been there?
One must experience this embrace to truly embrace the message of the writer.
Reach out...cry out...GO! RUN TO GOD!!
He is right there/here with arms open wide!

Your Understanding

"To You alone I sing my praise,
my risen Lord and King.
For unto no one in this world
will my praises ring!
For in You, Lord, is love and peace,
comfort, truth and light,
and You, Lord, are the only One
who understands my plight!
Not just about my plight, oh Lord,
that I sing praise to You,
Your understanding in itself
is priceless, that is true!
No matter what I have to say,
no matter what I've done,
You always answer when I call
and call me Your own son!
The way You understand, oh Lord...
if this world only knew,
surely there would be more people
turning unto You!
The way You deal with everything
I bring to You, indeed,
it is enough for me to know
that You are all I need!!"

No One understands like Jesus. Period. He has been through where you are are right now because He is all things at all times.
I don't understand that either.
I do understand that He is where you are right now, listening for your call, waiting for you to turn it over to Him.
He is that peace that you are seeking...and more! You cannot fathom the peace that He is, but you can obtain it!

My Deliverer

Cornered by the world itself,
shackled so by fear.
'That still, small voice' says unto me
"You have no business here."
Feeling so defeated, but
"victorious am I!"
So come the very words from Him,
my risen Lord on high!

For lately I have been reproached
by some of my own friends.
That feeling that I'm being used
into my heart descends.
And so my Savior reaches out
and says "Son, come with Me,"
and there He walks beside me until,
clearly, I can see.

The peace I get from just His hand...
the comfort of His voice...
the healing in His Presence there,
it makes me to rejoice.
He takes me by the hand out of
the fear that I am in
unto that very place that brings me
happiness again.

No matter what affliction comes,
to Him it's nothing new.
As long as I just call His Name
He knows just what to do!
This feeling seldom comes along
but He makes sure I know
that when I ever feel this way
I have a place to go.

Do you ever feel this way?
Do you have a place to go?
Jesus provides a place for you to go however you feel!
His arms are wide open when no one understands.
Sure, there are friends in abundance when all is well and you want to celebrate, but where are they when you can't even explain the pain that you are in?
Jesus is there and He understands!

He WILL deliver you!


Severed from this very place
by everlasting life,
by the promise that, someday,
I'll nevermore have strife...
by the words of God Himself:
in Heaven I will be...
by the words of Jesus Christ
of life eternally!
And so is this man driven on
through trials of the day;
through situations that would try
to take my joy away...
driven even through depression
and through any fear
to so obtain the promises
of Him who's ever near!

"As I go through the trials, Lord,
You said would come my way,
please grant unto my Your endurance
each and every day.
Please help me keep my eyes upon
that place to which I strive,
and even let me make a difference
while I am alive!"

"But God, what good am I when I feel this way?!"
So where the words of the poet when these words were written.
You are reading them now. Are they of any use to you? But I know that they are of use because God Most High wrote them!
Please pray for the ones on my heart as I send this.
God knows who they are.


Again, go back a few years to right now.
Words that I am being told to send because of the reality of them.
Again, if these words are foreign to you, please pray for the ones who know these words as a daily way of life...

"My Father, I am being stalked
by enemies of Thee.
They are encamped, Lord, all around;
what do they want from me?!
One has caused my heart to fear,
another is casting doubt.
Lead me, Lord, to where these forces.
I will be without!

It's only 'cause I love You, Lord,
that they have come to me.
Why should they trouble anyone
that is not serving Thee?
For they would not gain anything
by troubling their own;
and so, my Lord, they come to me
when I feel so alone.

But never is this man alone,
for You are always here!
And now, my Lord, destroy the ones
who've come to cause this fear!
For I have other things to do
and other ways to feel.
My Lord, I leave it in Your hands;
take heed to my appeal!

I know that these words apply to someone in your life, (lives,) because in the past six months they have struck at least three people very close to me, all of them "in the ministry." The servants of God are not immune.
Pray for me.
Pray for them.
Pray for us.
Pray for you.
Pray for one another as we are instructed to by God!
Do not judge me because I ask for prayer about "something."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Cry

A few days ago I heard from a friend of many years past. It hurt.
I was minded so deftly of feelings that I thought were gone. The feelings are there, but they are no longer painful.
There was quite a bit of pain in the voice of a few days ago...

"My Father, once again has come
that dreaded fear and pain.
It comes from whence I know not, Lord,
oh how can I explain?!
For nothing has come to this man
that You have not gone through,
and so, Lord, in my desperation,
I cry out to You.

No one, Father, can relate
unto the pain I feel.
For You alone can understand,
so, to You, I appeal.
For how can even human words
express this awful pain?
For only, Lord, my very soul
can, unto You, explain!

From only You can comfort come
and lift my soul, oh God.
Chase away, Lord, them that on
my peace and joy do trod!
I implore You, oh my Lord,
deliver me this day
and cause my very being, Lord,
to there in Your arms, stay!"
(These were the very feelings of this writer years ago.)

Have you ever felt this way?
I had to hold this person so tight the other day as they went through these very emotions!
Depression...fear...anxiety...ARE REAL! And they must be faced with reality.
Do not face these things alone!
Find someone stronger than yourself if you are experiencing anything like this!!
Grip the reality of Jesus as you go through this and remember, you are going through, you are not setting up residence!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The tree

Many seasons in the past
I planted there a tree
with expectations of the the fruit
that someday soon would be.
I put it in the fertile ground
and let it go its way
knowing that the elements
would be its very stay.
I let it have the sun and rain
and i enjoyed the fruit.
Season after season came
and produce followed suit.
But soon, it started withering
out there upon the land.
With sunshine bright and water cool,
I could not understand.
I slowly went up to the tree
desiring a clue
about its steady withering.
What was I supposed to do?
And so did I approach the tree,
and even before my word,
with just my very gentle touch
something new occurred!
With my hand upon it,
it became alive again!
And as I spoke unto it
even new life did begin!
And so the tree has realized
I really am concerned.
And, thanks to the little tree,
some lessons I have learned:
I have to keep in constant touch
if I want it to live,
and I must cultivate it so
to have what it can give.

Is this only about trees?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Morning Communing

On the lake once more.
I left the fishing pole at home and brought my pen.
I know that I will catch more words than fish!
Here, enjoy my catch with me...

The point is veiled in the mist
so slow upon the rise...
every place the vision be-
the Father's enterprise...
the stillness of the morning be
my escort to that place
where He and I commune--the One
who saved me by His grace.

The greatest thing about it be
the love He brings along.
The same to be the content of
my never-ending song.
For He has taken residence
there in that chamber deep
where is indwelt that sweet affection
I so dearly keep.

Blest communion in the mist
with the Maker of
all that I can visualize
and, oh, that perfect love!
Nowhere else to be upon
the dawning of the day,
oh, lest it be that Trumpet Blast
when we shall fly away!



Sentinels innumerable
availed by only One...
adrift upon the Norfork in
the early April sun.
Each arrayed so beautifully,
can the poet know?
But such be not an issue in
the peace so free to flow!

Focus rather to be on
the beauty of it all!
Stately Heron on the glide...
Eider as they call...
and the wake of such to be
the only ripple thence,
as yet so gentle be the breathing
of His Eminence.

Adrift upon the water, oh
who could understand?
Anyone to seek the beauty
just away from land!
The shadows on the water be
the only clock around,
and One alone to know how long
out here will I be found.

No clock around.
Everyone needs this place. Away from life.
Away from life?
Perhaps an escape TO life?
Creator God creating such a wonderful escape!

Present Pain

Pain to be now present in my body
such as only One alone could heal.
Though He told me only to believe Him,
yet unto my Savior I appeal.
Does it mean then as I go unto Him
that I don't believe the Word He said?
Nay! But to retain communication
as, for my healing was His bleeding shed!

So, to One alone is my approaching.
Yea, and my petition to the Same
in the many stripes He took upon Him,
in the power of His holy Name!
Such to be my hope and my assurance,
such to be my healing and my peace;
pain to be not permanent unto me-
unto Jesus such can I release!

Have you ever hurt?
Is your pain present now?
Do you know why?
I don't either!
I don't even know why I hurt at times.
I DO know that Jesus is right here with me.
I DO know that Jesus is right here inside of me!
He knows.
He listens.
He understands.
He responds.
Talk to Him about the pain.
He has been there.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Healing Stream

I know about a healing stream,
its flow shall never cease.
From every debility
that flow provides relief.
If ever I've infirmity
I plunge so deep within;
that flow to purge as I emerge
set free from pain and sin!

I know about a healing stream,
it is a steady force.
But glory, more significant,
I know its very Source!
A pair of hands with matching scars,
a cross, a crimson flow,
a stream of love from high above...
my brother, do you know?

I know about a healing stream,
oh, but that's not all!
It's only but that start of what's
awaiting at your call!
Salvation to the uttermost,
provision to abound;
in Him Who is THE Healing Stream,
forever I'll be found!!

Take it to Jesus. Whatever it is. However you feel.
Don't let anyone or anything hinder you from going straight to Jesus!
Anyone who tells you anything else is a liar!


Looking...but seeing?

I gaze upon the landscape-
a myriad of trees
in ever-constant movement with
the flutter of the breeze.
The contrast of the beauty,
a sign of teeming life;
colors yet beyond description
in the scope, so rife.

Also in the vision,
a very special tree.
At a glance, its comeliness,
it is not much to see.
Its beauty, though, is matchless
to them that understand,
and the life that it contains...
mere verbiage cannot stand!
Reverse, though, flowing from it,
a fluttering of wind;
the Holy Spirit, oh, in power
from it to descend
to make, of life, such beauty,
to change the heart and mind;
boldness, peace and power one can,
in its presence, find!

The trees of the Creator,
the tree of Him Who died.
Most to cover landscape,
one, my sins, to hide!
The rugged cross of Jesus-
for it is life to me.
I pray it be as evident
as all the others be!

Seeing...but understanding?
Understand this: Jesus died upon a tree so that You might have everlasting life.
That is far more important than admiring landscape or reading poetry!
Have you been to that tree?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hear the Children Cry

Walking down the street...looking...listening...

A very gentle starry night,
an easterly to sigh,
and in the whisper pf it
I can hear the children cry...
Some, excruciating pangs
for a lack of food;
others, agonizing pain
from another's mood.

Not only to the writer's ear,
such impassioned speech,
unto the heart of God the Father
does it also reach!
For that which happens where it seems
no one can see nor hear,
every sense of it, unto
the Father's heart is clear!
And they are not alone to cry,
mine, also, to ascend:
"Oh God, do we entreat Thee,
let such pain come to an end!"

This is a very painful world for some.
A lot of that pain does not have to happen!
Look around. Listen.
Is there anything you can do today to ease the pain of living for someone else?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

In these issues...

"In the issues now incurred
I will stand upon Your Word.
For them shall I acquire grace
if I but lie upon my face.
The issues, God, that now encroach-
I know not whence they did approach,
but such as these I would not see
unless, my God, You trusted me.
In the issues that are wrought,
blessed Father, leave me not.
Guide my feet upon the Way
that You have set for me this day.
Unto Your Way shall I be true,
doing, Lord, what I should do.
With Your Spirit as my Guide
I shan't be tossed from side-to-side!"

With the way the world is today, this should be the prayer of each of us!
The Lord is aware of everything going on in life...period!
Turn to Him. TRUST HIM!
He desires to address these issues, and to share life with you.

Splinters of that Tree

What Tree?
Oh, but not just any tree!

The splinters of that Tree have no
comparison in worth!
For there continued pangs that brought
about my second birth!
Oh, be it unto me, that life
but everlasting there-
oh, be it unto me, the life
of Him, in faith, to share!

The splinters of that Tree- but did
they come come without a price?
No! The father gave His all
in loving sacrifice!
Free to such as we but oh
so costly unto Him.
A teardrop He retains for each
and every one of them.

The splinters of that Tree- they shall
contain my glory e'er.
So is the Father's sovereign will
His grace untold to share.
In the death and resurrection
be abundant living,
as the One once fastened there
so keeps on freely giving.

That Tree. Calvary. Has any of it worth to you?
Oh, but You are of great worth to God!
Know your worth and give it all to Jesus!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Caught again!
Discovered out in the the world!
So easy it is to be deceived. Yes, even the Elect!

Return me to that place where I
did not fit in so well.
Back where I was 'peculiar,'
everybody, they could tell!
"Politically Correct..." that term
is oh so nauseous now!
I might as well where a dress,
don a scarf, and vaguely bow!

Return me to that place where I
would not look around
before I cried out "PRAISE THE LORD!"
or made a joyful sound!
Back then were the "dirty looks"
that fazed me not at all--
has there been dilution of
a great and mighty Call?

"Return me to that place where I
so emulate Your ways!
Return me to the boldness
so required for these days!
Return me to integrity,
inside my faith and out,
so that my God, my faith, my world
would not have any doubt!

Are there any to go with me, or are you at the top of your game at staying above the ways of this world?
Those ways that are tightening the screws on THE life of serving Jesus Christ THE Lord?
Those ways that seek to require more and more of your soul?
STAND FAST, MY FRIEND! Return to that place and rejuvenate your soul!
RUN TO HIM and receive what you need to go on!
His arms are wide open!

Get rid of her!

One more appointment...taking the whole day...time being the only cost to me...
A lot of people have invested too many years to give up on her now!
One more more doctor to more report to wait on...time being one factor of that report...
A lot of people have invested many good years to give up now!
One more 'sickness' taking years from her life.
'Years' being the only cost? Only costing her?
"Get rid of her?"
I love her too much!
Others love her too much!
I have invested too much!
God made her especially for me.
God made her who she is.
God made her the way that she is, and He does not make 'junk!!'


What is "communication" like between you and God?
Sometimes it can be absolute silence. (I mean that in a good sense!)
For some, I know, it is only memorized pages, written pieces or repetitive words.
Break free!!
Express your heart!
Let the words of your spirit flow...

"I love You, o my Savior,
I exalt Your holy Name!
I realize that even for
my very soul You came!
Blessed be the heart of You,
oh bless Your all-in-all!
And bless God for designing me
to answer to Your call!

Dear Lord, You know I write about
the endless things You do,
and of the blessings, Lord, that flow
continually from You,
and of the promises of all
the things You have in store,
but oh my Lord, I need to be
exalting You much more!
Without You, love would just be an
emotion, oh my Lord.
Life would just be "doing time,"
with nary a reward;
salvation would be nothing, were
it not, oh Lord, for Thee!
Without You, oh my risen Lord,
how pointless life would be!
So many things depend on You
but You depend on none!
Though this earth would vanish, yet
would be the Three-in-One!
Though the mortal voice would cease
yet would the rocks cry out!
And if we cease to dance in You
the hills would skip about!

Yea, would You exist so well
without us, oh my God,
but without You and Your touch
no further could we trod!
And so, as I exalt You, Father,
You, and You alone,
may You feel my appreciation
at Your very throne!

In Jesus' Name,

Monday, September 13, 2010

A friend

"My Lord, help me to reach out to
the ones You want me to;
even them that would be spurned
by others close to You.
When I look at them, let me see
what Your eyes, Lord, would see
and the things that are expected
by You, Lord, of me:

What am I to do for him?
What should I convey?
Assuredly, a word in season
You'll cause me to say.
But Lord, concerning feeding him
and shelter for his sleep...
speak to my heart, oh Father, of
these issues that I keep.
I want to give him everything,
to love him, Lord, as You;
to see You live inside of me,
oh Lord, allow him to!
Once again, Lord, and utmost,
to treat him as You will-
this is yet the greatest of
all my desires still!

In Your Name, Jesus,

This should be the prayer of everyone...especially you, my brother in Christ. Since it does apply to you, join with me in prayer...and then do more than just pray!


Go with me.
Just reach your hand UP and get a grip...

Walking through another day
holding on real tight
to the hand of Him of Whom
my heart and soul have sight.
In the grasp of His strong hand
led am I for sure,
and am I, from all life's
iniquities, made pure!
And as I walk down the path
faith so wells inside;
knowing not what is ahead,
but in Him I confide.
He knows how to handle any
circumstances nigh;
oh, that is why I trust in Him-
Almighty God on High!

The confidence in walking with
the One Who saves my soul!
It goes so very far in even
making this man whole!
And even further, yea, concerning
peace so deep within,
another blessing unto them
that are born again!

What other confidence is there in this life?
Just how many things are there that can be deemed "assurances?"
Look to Jesus Christ alone and GET A GRIP!

Greatest Love!

(If you have mastered the gift of knowing the depths of God's love, please help this writer to understand!)

Again to know the depths of His affection?
But can the same be fully known at all?
How can be described the look in His eyes
in reaction to His loving call?
Can be said at all embracing fully
the one and only great and mighty Lord?
There is no other One to love us greater!
In His eyes completely we're adored!

How deep, how wide, how high and holy Jesus?
Even at the right hand of I AM!
How merciful, how loving, how great Jesus,
even to become my very Lamb?
Holy, holy, hallowed our Savior!
Not another Lord, no other King!
O hear us as we come in adoration...
hear us as we come to You and sing!

Oh, to know the gauges of affection-
are there any that exist at all?
I do not even want to think about it
I only want Your grace about me fall!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Draw the weapon once more...
affect the world with its stain...
who will notice?
Turn the page...
Another landscape...choose the weapon...
What will be affected?
Who will be affected?
With sword in hand, precise incisions are made...
With sword in hand, death is wrought swiftly!
Who cares?
Who will take note?
A masterpiece is wrought upon a landscape of ivory and few take note. A work that can change lives if they will merely take note!

Reality--so empty
unto a wretched few.
So twisted, they force on the rest
a sample of said view.
"If I can't have a taste of what
you sample every day,
then surely I will spare no means
in ripping it away!"

Reality, so gripping
when realized at last.
Beyond the death and desolation
casualties are vast.
"That will not happen to my house..."
"That cannot touch our homes..."
No longer hearts to echo such
as written are the tomes.

Reality--so terrorizing
when to grip the mind.
No rhyme or reason be there in
a conscience that is pined.
The very same be seared as
celebrations, they commence
in horror on such scale, there be
just ONE to recompense!

Reality to seize the writer
as has never been!
Oh tell me how such wickedness
is carried out by men!!
"But it shall never quench the good
that shall not ever fail."
Let such a vision as that, in
the face if this prevail!

Reality? Only to them that accept it.
I choose the weapon used to assemble this.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's a Start!

Peace on earth.
"But it's not Christmas!!" some would say.
Is peace even possible in this life?
I have heard arguments that peace absolutely will not be in this life!
Peace on earth may not be, but peace within can be.
True, this may sound like a Christmas message, but does that mean that it should only be said then?
Peace on earth. Please join with me in praying for it.

How long, oh Lord, until is peace
the order of the day?
Already is it settled in
the hearts of them that stay.
But God, we long for peace on earth
with YOU as President!
It will not be til You are in
each heart as resident!

A lofty thought of poets?
The dream of every man?
But peace is a decision settled
when one says "I can!"
But not without the help of Him
Who is the Prince of Peace.
Go to Him in all honesty,
and every strife release.

The Prince of Peace...Jesus Christ...
And there starts a whole new campaign: The Name of Jesus!
We have to start somewhere...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"Oh God, it doesn't feel good!
How could You be involved?!
If You were Who You say You are
this problem would be solved!!"

Have you ever felt that way?
Are you brave enough to admit it?
The Word says to "count it all joy when problems arise."
If that is you, you are better than me!
With me, it is "Count it all joy when the problem is over and the fruits are revealed."
There are trials and tests going on right now. They are painful. We are not going to run from God, nor will I be in denial and say that 'all is well.'
However, like the song, I will say that all is well with my soul and with my faith, I am leaving everything else in His hands because Jesus knows exactly what He is doing and exactly what will happen.
Pray for us, would you please?

Far Beyond

The way that You approach us is majestic,
the way that You assemble us is majestic,
You are God.
the adoration of You is glorious;
the splendor of Your creation is glorious;
the wonder that You command is glorious,
You are God.

You are beyond all wise,
You are beyond all song;
beyond all thought itself, Lord, You belong!

Majestic, glorious and far beyond.
Of each other, Lord, we are so fond!

Heavenly Father, YOU ARE!
Anything spoken about You is pure poetry!
You are worth any group of words assembled...and more!
Yes, Lord, You drain the very wells from whence I draw words!
True, Holy Spirit provides the words that I write, but again, YOU ARE!
You are the words that are...and then You are more than words, oh Lord!
You are all I know...and far beyond!


From a heart of gratitude
is gratitude to flow.
If one is truly thankful, then
the fruit will truly show!
A happy heart is one in which
true thanks will freely churn;
in the same is oh so much
for each of us to learn!

God provides so much. Period.
There are two groups of people: those who recognize His provision and those who do not.
Once we start giving thanks to God, we will begin to realize, more and more, what He provides.
All that He provides? NO WAY!
I dare you, start a list!


Soft illumination is
as morning moves along...
Harmonious, the notes as they
are orchestrating song;
Not to be distracted by
the essence of the eve...
the personalities of time-
so easy to believe?

So easy to believe? Well...sometimes.
Every segment of the day is different. Each with it's own blessing to bestow.
Don't miss the blessing of the noontide while looking forward to evening...
Don't miss the awe and spectacle of morning by being distracted by the duties of the day.
God made it all.
Enjoy it all with Him!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day

"Therefore, occupy until He comes."
I know it is hard, I am just as impatient as you. But it must be done.
I have heard of the extremes that give everything away and go _______ , sorta like a hermit.
That is not what we are supposed to do!!
The end is near, closer than we think! So we are supposed to live Jesus Christ in the face of life itself...especially on the job!

Here I am, oh risen Lord,
at the job You've blessed.
First day on the job and, Lord,
in You does this man rest.
All the things that I must learn...
all that they demand...
before I even start, my Lord,
I place it in Your hand.

This job came right out of Your hand,
yes, Your very palm.
It is so ordained of You,
thus I am bidden calm.
And I accept Your peace, oh Father,
as I start my day;
"Not my will but Yours be done,"
this I humbly pray.

I will humbly pray.
I will BOLDLY give thanks for this job!
And you--be thankful as well for the job that you have, and work as if Jesus Christ was your immediate supervisor!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Get a Grip!!

A day is surely coming.
"Yea...yea...yea...I've heard that for years!"
We have all heard that Jesus is coming again...for years!
But that just means that we are one YEAR closer to His return!
Don't believe it?
Don't want to hear it?
Delete me now then!

There's coming, yes, a day!
Who knows how far away?
He's coming back again to take me home!
There is a Land afar,
beyond the brightest star,
in which the saints are evermore to roam!
We'll do much more than 'dwell,'
of 'reigning' does He tell!
He is sketchy, though, about detail;
I'll cling, though, to His Word,
(no matter what is blurred,)
as long as I'm with Him beyond the veil!!

Still don't believe it?
(Did you really expect a poet to clarify it?)
I'm just as privy as you are to it, but I cling so dearly to the hope and promise that the Holy Spirit has given me!
Clinging to the promise...what shall I say to you?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wanna go?

How much longer?
But where are YOU going?

Unroll the skies, my Father!
Announce with Trumpet blast!
Upon the glory of You, Lord,
our eyes yearn to be cast!
Enough of this creation,
(and beg Your pardon, too!)
but God, our hearts and souls cry out
to be with only You!

We hear it all our lives, oh Lord,
we sing it all the day,
we feel our hearts a-yearning for
when we shall fly away!
It's a promise, it's a song,
make it reality!!
Unroll the sky so we can fly
and start with even me!!

I'll fly away, oh glory,
yes, I will fly away,
and nothing of this place will hinder!
Day, oh happy day!
My heart already present with
my Jesus in that place!
Until that moment, I will sing of
grace, Amazing Grace!

There is room in Paradise for one more!
If you are unsure where you will spend eternity, that 'one more' could be you!
Wanna go?

The last campaign?

It's only awhile longer...
However, certain truths remain, and it is always encouraging to be reminded of them...

The battle is continuing,
victory is sure!
Treasuries await for those
who faithfully endure!
Be aware! O be aware,
this life is just a breath!
Ah, but there's eternal life
for those with just one death!

Warfare--it is everywhere,
campaigns at every hand.
The enemy could give a rip
for what we must withstand!
He knows he is defeated!
His time is almost gone!
His punishment, (like our reward,)
forever will go on!

Victory is more important
than the battle brief.
We cling to Jesus Christ, the Son,
our Defense and our Chief!
The battle, it belongs to Him,
and settled be the end
for them that call Him "Savior,"
for them that He calls "friend!"

Are you a friend of God?
Does Jesus call you His friend?
Is that even important to you?
Do not go into battle without them!
What about those truths...and the time remaining?
Think about it.

Friday, September 3, 2010


So many are the landscapes in life.
So many are the landscapes used by Jesus as parables.

In the shadows of the valley
living is once more.
It is pointless to inquire
what this time is for.
I know there is a purpose,
I know that good will come;
but it is not for me to know
WHEN shall be the sum.

And this I know: the valley is,
and I am not alone.
Every step upon the Narrow
by Someone is known.
In the shadow, in the shining,
there will be a song;
and I shall go through the valley
because I belong!

In the shadows of the valley
death be no concern,
only moving forward as
there will be no return!
Peaks and valleys in the path
but never turning back,
not even in the valley with
His burden in my pack!

"My yoke is easy, My burden is light."
So is the promise of Jesus as He compels us to follow Him.
The mountains, hills and valleys will be there, but so will He!
Take Him with you, won't you?