Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Your Palm Secure!

I remember seeing a drawing once. It was of a man with his hands out, looking up and saying
"Lord, where are You?"
As the 'camera' pulled back, the man was asking this question from the palm of God's hand.
Been there? Done that?

Cradled in the only arms
that satisfy so true
by the only One Who knows
exactly what to do.
For man can offer 'remedies,'
but Jesus has the cure;
thus I appeal unto the One
Whose love is ever pure!

"I implore You, o my Lord,
restore this man this day!
Though earthly counsel so abounds,
I turn unto Your way!
Whatever is iniquity,
You do so relate;
thus does my appeal ascend
to You Who are so great!!

From the very depths, oh Lord,
I reach out for You,
once again to realize
that I am held so true!
And as is flexed Your loving hand
thus my peace is sure
as I realize I am in
Your palm, Lord, so secure!"

The next time you are in any kind of stress or struggle, look around, feel the ground. Those hills and valleys may merely be the ridges in the palm of His hand.

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