Monday, August 30, 2010

To Be Medicine

Seeing everywhere the pain
and all it does entail;
more prevalent it is as I
press further in the veil;
the deeper our affection is,
the clearer is His voice;
the much more humble I become
though I've cause to rejoice!

"The victory can I proclaim,
I shout it in my life!
But all around me, Father, is
such pain and grief and strife!
Sometimes, I feel guilty, Lord,
for being so adorned
when seeing those on whom it seems
that life, itself, has scorned.
Help me to share with them, my Lord,
the joy that they have not,
while not losing sight, Lord, of
the other needs they've got.
Help me to treat them as You would,
to touch them as You do,
and even let them see in me
the benefits of You.

Oh Father, be so obvious
in all I say and do
that they would view my life, oh Lord,
and see no one but You!
And Father, let my words unto them
be that healing balm
through which You would minister,
dispensing peace and calm.

In JESUS' Name,

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