Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There is a time

Time in this place is waning each day...
Signs of the end are more and more apparent...
Warnings here and warnings there...
But amidst all of that remain promises that have been established before time itself...

I know there waits a time
when life won't be a climb
the mountaintop will be under our feet!
No more trial there!
Nothing to despair!
obsolete will be the word 'defeat!'
We shall be as we are
and He shall be the Star
finally, will living be 'complete!'
So very soon that time,
and more than ready I'm!
to join the multitudes at Jesus' feet!

Of a truth, be aware of the times and seasons that are, but don't let the signs of the times embezzle you out of the good things God has prepared for you if you are born again!

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