Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sermon on the Web

Where nothing seems to matter,
(or so do most believe,)
there is a world that matters and
the same can ALL receive!
A spirit realm is living and
it matters more each day!
Unto the saved of Jesus Christ
it be a major Way!

A spirit realm is living,
for better and for worse.
To deny the same is equal
to a wretched curse!
Denial only makes the foe
gain power for his own...
but his defeat is certain!
This truth is surely known!

"Nothing seems to matter..."
another living lie!
All to gain control over
the souls of you and I.
Make it matter! Make Christ Lord
and Savior of Your soul!
Surrender unto Jesus! Give Him
absolute control!

There are things that matter in this life.
Your soul is #1. Who are you giving yours to?
Yes, this world has a 'world' of things that are important.
The Bible says "Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all else shall be taken care of."
What in the world are you doing with your soul?
Matthew 6:33

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