Tuesday, August 24, 2010


"I am empty, but I know
that You have what I need.
I bow--You come and raise me up
where nothing can impede.
All I am I offer--You accept
my humble gift;
I scarce hold not a thing back, Lord,
mine everything You sift!

Jesus, I am empty.
Come and fill this man with You!
I receive the gift You are:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
manifest once more,
all in preparation of
the wonderment in store!

No more am I empty as
the Three of You revive!
I am filled, I am restored,
praise God, I AM ALIVE!
So faithful Ye to answer me
as I cry out believing!
Awesome God, I celebrate You
as I am receiving!"

Receive it with me, won't you? There is an abundance!
And He is no respecter of person!
Cry out to God for the abundance that HE provides!
You will be empty until you do.

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