Monday, August 30, 2010

The Quencher

Thirsting for the living water
am I once again;
feeling so dried up from all
the places I have been!
"Father, I have shared Your drink
with them that die of thirst,
and so do I return to Him
Who gave it to me first!

Fill me once again, my Lord,
with Your water pure.
Cause me to freely drink of it
that I may endure.
That living well that springs up unto
life without an end-
into the very depths of it
oh cause me to descend!

Oh, the drink that You provide, Lord,
it is Life indeed!
So replenishing this man
with everything I need!
Thank You, great and mighty God
for that blessed flow!
Cause me to take it, Father, unto
all who do not know!"

Each of us are cisterns.
We who are servants are to take that living water inside to a dying, thirsty world.
Never mind drying up. We know The Source!
And as long as we are willing to dispense that which He fills us up with, He will continue to use us!
Be filled...but do not keep it for yourself!

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