Sunday, August 1, 2010

Promise Keeper

Hope in restoration,
one moment at a time;
integrity to rein the same,
self-esteem to climb;
That brother in his trial,
assistance to request;
do I stand in denial
when I can help him best?

No! But standing in the gap,
I can turn the tide
by embracing him, my brother,
my 'self' be denied.
By my yielding unto God
a channel I become
between my brother and my Father-
victory the sum!

I be without excuse if I
should turn and walk away.
I be without excuse before Him
on that awesome day!
Lead me to my brother man,
those promises to keep:
rejoicing with those who rejoice,
embracing those whop weep.

We cannot do everything. We CAN do something.
We lie to ourselves if we think we can do everything, and we kill ourselves!
But if each of us would do that one thing that we are called to do, everything would get done:
That brother would be ministered to.
That sister would be blessed!
That child would be more secure!
Are you "keeping the promise," or are you "just walking by?"

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