Friday, August 27, 2010


Closer to God.
How close? to get there...

Standing tall, upon my knees,
closer than before?
Seeing in another view-
beyond all metaphor.
Even past reality
the Presence of my King?
But reaching! Even groping as
unto Him now I cling!!

Standing tall upon my face
and closer not at all!
He embraces me against Him as
His holy Name I call!
Prostrate before His holiness-
I am accepted there!
Not a thing, no, nothing of
creation may impair!!

Standing tall, so many ways
while in the Presence of
Father, Son and Holy Spirit-
powerful the love!
Powerful be my position
due alone His grace-
however I approach Him,
He and I are face to face!

Go there! See Your God and Savior in His fullness!
Have you been in that position?

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